Why is the protagonist silent?

A silent protagonist may be employed to lend a sense of mystery or uncertainty of identity to the gameplay, or to help the player identify better with them. Not all silent protagonists are necessarily mute or do not speak to other characters; they may simply not produce any dialogue audible to the player.

Moreover, why are there silent protagonists?

The whole idea behind silent protagonists is that the game is speaking to you . If that was story told between the narrator and the main character the game would be a completely different experience. But it makes little sense because the only input I have in the game is where Gordon Freeman moves and shoots.

Beside above, does Isaac Clarke talk in Dead Space? Isaac Clarke finds love (Dead Space) In the original game, he doesnt speak, and we hardly ever see his face. Screams of terror and grunts of pain are the only things that pass through his lips. Without this voice, we would have never experienced his relationship-building conversations with those games leading ladies.

In respect to this, is Mario a silent protagonist?

A silent protagonist is when the main/player character doesn’t talk. That isn’t to say they are mute, or unable to communicate, just that we don’t ever hear them talk. These are characters like Crono, Gordon Freeman, Mario, Link the list is endless.

Does your character talk in Destiny 2?

Your Guardian can talk in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Guardians in Destiny weren’t very talkative, speaking only a handful of lines throughout the game, but they didn’t speak at all in the expansions. By the time Destiny 2 rolled around, your characters had been rendered entirely mute.

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