Why is Streaming Taking Over the Gaming Space?

The Streaming Phenomenon

There’s no question that the phenomenon that is video game streaming has taken over the gaming community in a huge way. Platforms like Twitch and Youtube give gamers in the community a chance to share their experience and, in some cases, their expertise with their friends and fans around the world. Top gaming releases in 2022 have kept this trend going strong, but it really started taking hold back when games like PUBG and Call of Duty were initially released. The gaming community is separated into two camps when it comes to streaming: those who love it and those who really really don’t. For some gamers, it makes absolutely no sense to sit and watch another person play a game that you could be playing yourself. Other gamers love the social aspect and the preview of games that might not be out for general release yet. Let’s take a closer look at why streaming is so popular.

2.    The Fame Game

If you’re interested in streaming and are one of the lucky few who make it to the big time, there is a huge piece of sponsorship and fame pie that could land up on your plate. Well-known streamers who stream for a living make big bucks, and they get to do what they love in the community that they love every day. Sponsorships can yield not only paid deals but free goods as well. Sponsored streamers often do contests and giveaways that their followers can win, so there’s something in it for the fans as well.

3.    Community

One of the most appealing aspects of streaming is the community that it creates. Yes, the greater gaming community already exists, but steamers usually have a “niche” or a type of game that they prefer. This niche or their particular brand of streaming and personality attracts a certain kind of follower. Knowing that you have a lot in common with the streamer and their followers creates a community within a community. This is especially helpful for people who might not have great in-person social skills or social anxiety. It’s also helpful for gamers who are new to the community and might need an example to follow or a helping hand to get started.

A streamers community is somewhere you can turn to ask questions about gaming and other things as well: these communities can become very close-knit and help each other through trying times. Streaming can be an escape from reality during trying times. The last few years have seen people relying more and more on socially distant or online communities who are there for each other and support each other even when they aren’t physically in the same place. Here, people can come together around mutual interests and become real friends.

4.    Entertainment Value

While some streamers are more “average joes”, some streamers are incredibly entertaining to watch. Different personalities will appreciate different kinds of streams: for some, the “average joe” talking them through the complexities of a game is exactly the kind of content that they wish to consume. For others, a hilarious guy or girl is what keeps them coming back to the stream time and time again. Some people might enjoy a really technical breakdown of a gadget or new game to help them understand better. There is lots of entertainment value in all the different kinds of streamers out there, you just have to find the right ones for you.

5.    Self Improvement

Watching other gamers play their favorite games is not only fun, but it can help you improve your skills as well. Keeping an eye out for tips and tricks from people who play games for a living could get you one step closer to becoming a pro yourself or joining a league for fun.

Wrap Up

There are so many reasons that the streaming trend keeps growing: why don’t you check out some streams and see for yourself?

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