Why Is My Guinea Pig Jumping Around Like Crazy?

Guenadipigs that are hopping all over the place are usually happy. It’s also possible that they’re sick, scared, bored, or lonely. When they’re happy, guinea pigs will run around and eat popcorn. It is possible that they have mites if they act hysterically and scratch themselves excessively.

Why is my guinea pig running around like a maniac?

While a guinea pig’s leaps and sprints can indicate contentment, they can also indicate that he’s in a state of terror. If your cavy was startled by something unexpected, you may notice him hopping and running in an erratic pattern. Also, he may make a lot of piercing squeaking noises as he does it.

Why is my guinea pig acting hyper?

Some have compared your piggy’s antics to that of a stampeding bronco. When you see your guinea pig scurrying around, don’t be alarmed, no matter what you think it looks like. Fortunately, your friend is in a good mood because of this. Guinea pigs that are happy and healthy will display this behavior from time to time.

What are guinea pig Zoomies?

They get the “zoomies” from time to time, and they’ll run around their cage in circles. Zoomies are common in young guinea pigs, but they can occur in adults as well.

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