Why Is My Dog Eating Toilet Paper?

A lack of iron or zinc in the body can cause pica, an eating disorder that causes dogs (and humans) to develop an unhealthy obsession with inedible objects like toilet paper. Because of their anxiety, some dogs will rip apart paper in an attempt to calm themselves.

Should I be worried if my dog eats paper?

Canines, are they at risk from paper products? Dogs usually don’t eat the paper they play with (the fun is in the ripping), but if they do, it could be disastrous for their health if they consume tissues or napkins. Dr. Karen Becker says that dogs can safely ingest very small amounts of paper because it will simply pass through their digestive system.

Will eating toilet paper hurt my dog?

Small amounts of tissue, paper towels, or Kleenex should not harm your four-legged friend. It’s likely safe for the digestive system to process shredded tissue paper or used toilet paper.

How do you increase iron in dogs?

Your dog’s iron stores can be replenished by feeding him a diet rich in fresh produce. Greens, beef liver, raw egg yok (from local or organic eggs), and canned sardines are all good places to begin.

Is it okay for dogs to eat tissues?

Tissues, when eaten by a dog, will decompose into a moist pellet and be easily digested. However, tissue paper consumption on a regular basis can lead to severe health problems, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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