Why Does Solid Snake Have A Horn?

As it turns out, if you play “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” with malice, you’ll end up permanently covered in blood with a massive horn protruding from your head eventually. Huh! He’ll never be able to get rid of the shrapnel from the horn, which is also known as “Big Boss” and “Snake.”

Why does Big Boss have horns?

This question was originally answered in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with the horn question. When Ground Zeroes explodes, a piece of shrapnel gets lodged in Snake’s head and causes him to go into shock. To prevent hemorrhaging and the subsequent death of Snake, they refuse to remove the sock.

Why does the shrapnel in Snake’s head grow?

As Snake’s Demon Value rises, the shrapnel on his head becomes longer. Big Boss is covered in bloodstains as Demon Snake, and no amount of showering, walking in the rain, or getting drenched at Mother Base will remove them.

Why does Solid Snake wear a headband?

Infinite ammunition is available to Solid Snake when he wears the Bandana. It was revealed in the game that Snake’s bandana would have had a flowing knot at the end, but it was cut for unknown reasons at the end of the mission.

What is Venom Snake’s horn?

Shrapnel impinges on Venom Snake’s brain, causing him to experience hallucinations like the “horn.”

What is the black thing in snakes head?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s blood-splattered skin and massive horn-like headhorn are the result of playing the game maliciously. Huh! The horn is a shard of shrapnel that neither “Big Boss” nor “Snake,” the game’s central character, can remove.

Why does Snake not talk in phantom pain?

Snake will have less dialogue in The Phantom Pain than in previous installments, according to Kojima, who explained that this would make Snake more an extension of the player and that he would act in accordance with the player’s actions “rather than making things like spontaneous comments or flirting with women.”…

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