Why Does Slug Beat Snake?

Why is it called deadlock?

a deadlock (n.) 1779, “complete standstill,” from dead (adj.) in its emphatic use + lock (n. 1). In Sheridan’s play “The Critic,” it is first mentioned. It was known in 1808 as “a type of lock operated by a handle and a key.” The term “deadbolt” was coined in 1808.

What is 3rd deadlock summoning?

We refer to Jiraiya/summons Naruto’s as the “3-way deadlock” because they’re joined by Orochimaru/Sasuke and Tsunode/Sakura.

How can we solve deadlock?

Deadlock frequency can be reduced by ensuring that all applications access their common data in the same order – for example, that they access (and lock) rows in Table A, followed by Table B, and so forth.

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