Why does my wine cooler freeze up?

It is quite common, particularly when the wine cooler or wine cabinet is first switched on, to see the formation of frost/ice on the back wall of the unit. If moist air enters the wine cooler, during the cooling period, the water molecules will condense and potentially freeze on the back wall of the wine cabinet.

Just so, why does my wine fridge keep freezing?

Inside the wine cellar, if bottles are placed directly below the cold airflow, the airflow will be restricted and may cause the cooling unit to backup, thereby causing ice buildup. Unplug the cooling unit, and leave unplugged for at least 8 hours or overnight so that the ice can melt.

Similarly, why is my beverage cooler freezing up? Moisture from the air freezes onto the evaporator coils (the cooling coils in the freezer) and forms an insulating barrier to heat transfer. Airflow also decreases as the passages narrow due to ice buildup. Each evaporator has a defrost cycle to melt frost/ice that has built up on the evaporator coils.

Simply so, how do you defrost a wine cooler?

If you have a wine cooler that has to be defrosted then you can do this with a few simple steps:

  1. Remove the wine from your cooler.
  2. Be sure to also remove the shelves from the cooler.
  3. Unplug the cooler so the power is off all the way.
  4. Allow the door to stay open.
  5. Allow the ice to melt from within the cooler.

How long does it take for a wine cooler to get cold?

In the fridge, it took 2.5 hours for red wine to reach its ideal temperature of 55° and 3 hours for white wine to reach its ideal temperature of 45°. In the freezer, it took 40 minutes for red wine to reach its ideal temperature and 1 hour for white wine to reach its ideal temperature.

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