Why Are The Tips Of My Snake Plant Turning Brown?

Inconsistent or improper watering is the most common cause of snake plant tips turning brown. Over-Chlorination of the water supply. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

What do I do if my snake plant has brown tips?

There is a good chance that your Snake plant needs water if its soil is dry. You can use a moisture meter to monitor your plant’s moisture levels, which will help you keep your Snake’s tips from browning by ensuring a healthy and regular watering schedule.

Should I cut the brown tips off my plant?

It is true that the brown tips on your indoor plants should always be cut off. If you notice dry and brown patches on more than half of the leaves of your indoor plants, it’s time to get rid of them.

Is my snake plant getting too much sun?

Your snake plant will tell you if it’s getting too much light. The leaves of your snake plant may turn yellow, brown, or pale if it is too close to a source of light. Overexposure to light and heat are the two most common causes of leaf burn.

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