Who is a road marshal?

Roles of the Road Marshall. The Road Marshall Club’s major responsibility is to be the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of LTA in the community. They are to operate from their local communities basically engaging in road safety duties.

Likewise, people ask, who is a special marshal?

Special Marshals are usually accomplished individuals that bring their individual and collective expertise to road traffic management. They have special propriety kits that distinguish them from other state and federal traffic officers. Regular and Special Marshals have exactly the same responsibilities.

Also, what are the roles of road safety club? ROAD SAFETY CLUB

  • Educating motorist and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highways.
  • Controlling traffic on the highways.
  • Recommending measures, works and devices designed to eliminate or minimize crashes on the highways.
  • Organizing Quiz and debates on Road safety-related issues among schools.

In this way, who is the current head of FRSC in Nigeria?

The FRSC is currently headed by Boboye O Oyeyemi, MFR, mni, whose title of Corps Marshal is the highest rank in the Corps ranking system.

Who is the founder of road safety?

Fraydun Manocherian

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