Who are the people in the Loud House?

The main characters of The Loud House, clockwise from left: Luan, Leni, Lori, Lincoln, Clyde, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Lola, Lily, and Lana.

Who are the 11 loud house characters?

The Loud House follows 11-year-old Lincoln, the only boy in a family with 10 sisters who each have unique personalities: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily.

Who is adopted in the Loud House? A lot of people have said that Lincoln is,but Lucy has much more to contrast with the family. For example,Lucy has black hair,and nobody else in the family does. There are other things Lucy has to contrast with the rest of the family,as a result,Lucy is adopted,not Lincoln.

Are there any LGBT characters in the Loud House?

Howard and Harold McBride are a pair of fictional supporting characters in the American animated television series The Loud House on Nickelodeon. … The McBrides are significant as the first married gay couple to be featured in a Nickelodeon animated series.

How old are Lincoln Loud’s sisters?

Name Voice actor Age
Lori Loud Catherine Taber 17 (S1-4) 18 (S5-onwards)
Leni Loud Liliana Mumy 16 (S1-4) 17 (S5-onwards)
Luna Loud Nika Futterman 15 (S1-4) 16 (S5-onwards)
Luan Loud Cristina Pucelli 14 (S1-4) 15 (S5-onwards)

Who are the twins in The Loud House?

He has ten sisters with distinctive personalities consisting of bossy eldest child Lori, ditzy fashionista Leni, musician Luna, comedian Luan, athletic Lynn Jr., gloomy poetic goth Lucy, polar opposite twins Lana and Lola, child genius Lisa, and baby Lily.

Who is the oldest in The Loud House?

Lori Loud is “literally” the oldest of the Loud children. She’s the self-proclaimed boss and the only sister with a driver’s license… so it pays to stay on her good side. A professional texter and avid eye roller, Lori is never afraid to tell people how she feels.

Is Lincoln loud really adopted?

This makes him the second smartest of the Loud siblings, after Lisa. Lincoln is incredibly calm. As in the episode “Not a Loud”, he wasn’t panicking about the possibility of being adopted. He was also calm when he was telling his parents about the clues that made him believe he’s adopted.

Why is Lincoln’s hair white?

So, what Chris had to Was erase Lincoln’s bunny ears, Bunny nose, and tail. He decided to leave Lincoln’s hair as a resemble to Lincoln’s bunny form. … Lincolns white hair is a resemble to Lincoln’s original bunny form of what he was originally gonna look like if the show was about Lincoln as a bunny with 26 sisters.

Is Lucy loud depressed?

Despite her depressed and cold attitude, she looks to enjoy being with her siblings, and sometimes departs from darkness to have fun with them. In “A Grave Mistake”, Lucy was revealed to be determined and never gives up as she wanted to become the president of Morticians Club.

Is Luna loud in love with Sam?

In “L is for Love”, Luna is revealed to have a crush on a girl named Sam, whom the audience is initially led to believe is a boy. Throughout the episode, she is hesitant about giving a token of her affection to Sam, and eventually places a love letter in Sam’s locker at the end of the episode.

Who is Clyde McBride mom?

Actors Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald portray the voices of Clyde’s parents, Harold and Howard McBride. They are typical overprotective parents, and they made their first appearance in last night’s episode when they took Clyde — and all of his things — to a sleepover.

Is Luna from The Loud House LGBT?

The episodes “Study Muffin” and “L is for Love” revealed that Luna is bisexual as she is shown to be attracted to Lincoln’s male tutor Hugh, and a female classmate named Sam Sharp.

What is Lisa Loud IQ?

Loud noises can give her tinnitus. She claims her IQ is 180.

Who are the girls in The Loud House?

The series centers on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily.

Who is older Lola or Lana?

Trivia. According to a tweet from the show’s writers, Lana is the older twin. In the episode “Ties That Bind”, it is revealed that Lana is older than Lola by two minutes.

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