Where was the opening of Newhart filmed?

Newhart TV show, based on a inn keeper in Vermont, had its opening credits from B roll footage that was filmed for the Henry Fonda movie, On Golden Pond, filmed in Holderness, Ashland, and around Sandwich, NH.

Keeping this in consideration, where was the show Newhart filmed?

IF YOU’RE EVER IN VERMONT, YOU CAN SPEND THE NIGHT AT THE STRATFORD. The exterior shots of the Stratford Inn are actually the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury, Vermont. It was built by John Foote in 1810 as a boarding house and tavern for local workers and stagecoach travelers passing through the Green Mountains.

Also, what show had Daryl Daryl and Daryl? Newhart

Likewise, did Daryl and Daryl ever speak?

On the “Newhart” show, Sanderson played Larry, who along with his brothers, Darryl and Darryl, became regulars in the third season when they took over the Minuteman Cafe. I talk to them now and then,” Sanderson said. The two Darryls never spoke until the final episode.

What channel is Newhart on?


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