Where do pallbearers sit at a funeral?

During the funeral service, the pallbearers and honorary pallbearers will either sit together for convenience (usually in the front row, left side), or be seated with their families. At the end of the funeral service, the casket will travel back down the aisle in the same manner as its entrance.

In this way, who are usually the pallbearers at a funeral?

Pallbearers are usually close family members and friends. Siblings, adult children, grown grandchildren, nieces and nephews, close friends, and colleagues are all common choices for pallbearers. However, anyone can serve as a pallbearer.

Also, what do pallbearers wear at a funeral? Dress conservatively For most funerals, “church clothes” are the common attire. Pallbearers should dress up a little more though. A dark suit, tie, and shoes for men; a dark dress or suit for women. Make sure your hair looks good and you are not wearing too much jewelry.

Similarly, where does the family sit at a funeral?

Funeral Seating Guidelines At many funerals, relatives of the deceased sit on the right side. Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and others typically sit on the left. The front rows are reserved for close relatives.

Is it an honor to be a pallbearer?

Honor of Being a Pallbearer No one wants to be in the position of having to carry the casket of a loved one or friend. However, it must be done after someone passes away, so consider it an honor to be asked.

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