Where can I find server XML?

The two most important configuration files to get Tomcat up and running are called server. xml and web. xml. By default, these files are located at TOMCAT-HOME/conf/server.

Similarly one may ask, what is Server XML file?

The server. xml file is a server dependent deployment descriptor which is used to specify server specific configurations . There is only one server. xml for each server instance. This is a server independent deployment descriptor and exists one for each web application deployed in the server.

Also, what is Tomcat Web XML? The web. xml Deployment Descriptor file describes how to deploy a web application in a servlet container such as Tomcat. You will find one in the jsp-examples, servlet-examples and ROOT applications provided on a new Tomcat website, and every web application example you download, including inside WAR files.

Also question is, what is the use of server XML in Tomcat?

xml file is the <Server> element. This element represents the entire Tomcat container. It is used as a top-level element for a single Tomcat instance. The <Server> element is defined by the org.

What is difference between AJP and HTTP?

ajp carries the same information as http but in a binary format. The request method – GET or POST – is reduced to a single byte, and each of the additional headers are reduced to 2 bytes – typically, that’s about a fifth of the size of the http packet. See ajp protocol specification for further internal details.

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