When did Jane Schaffer die?

On August 22, 2010, Jane died of cancer, a devastating blow to her family, friends, colleagues, and our profession.

Accordingly, is Jane Schaffer dead?

SAN DIEGO (SDJW)–Jane Schaffer, a master teacher whose methodology for writing essays is taught in high schools around the country, died of brain cancer early Sunday morning at home. She was 64. The essay may be accessed by clicking here. Arrangements for a celebration of her life are being made, family members said.

Beside above, how many concrete details are needed in a body paragraph? One strong reason, You need at least 2 concrete details. Proof for the topic sentences and thesis. Your concrete details become the foundation of your thesis.

Besides, what is the Jane Schaffer writing method?

The Schaffer method is a research-based writing formula commonly taught in middle and high school settings. The multi-paragraph essay structure was coined by Jane Schaffer in an effort to provide students and teachers with a consistent and proven formula for constructing essays.

What is a CD in an essay?

1st sentence: Topic sentence: This is like a mini-thesis statement. 2nd sentence: Concrete Detail (CD): This is a fact, quote, example, etc. Basically, it is evidence from the text supporting your topic sentence.

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