When Can Dogs Walk On Refinished Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to dogs, we advise their owners to keep them away from the house for at least two weeks following the cleaning. While setting up a new finish, their nails can damage it.

How long should dogs stay off refinished hardwood floors?

Refinished hardwood floors shouldn’t be walked on by dogs for at least 24 hours after finishing. An oil-based polyurethane coat will require this amount of time to dry completely.

How long before dogs can walk on polyurethane floors?

It takes two weeks before dogs are allowed to go on the floor (unless you get Doggie Socks which you can buy on Amazon). In order for the floor to fully cure, you should wait 30 days before laying area rugs on top of it.

What happens if you walk on refinished hardwood floors?

Walking on the floor is safe after 24 hours, but scuffing or marring is still possible until the floor is completely cured. Furniture can be returned to the home after three days of careful moving. Until the floor has fully healed, wait seven days before replacing area rugs.

How long after polyurethane can I walk on floor?

As soon as all signs of a wet finish are gone, fresh polyurethane can be walked on. If you apply WBP within two hours and eight hours, you may be able to walk on the ground. Furniture should not be moved onto a WBP-finished floor for two days, and four days for OBP-finished floors.

How long does it take for dogs to refinish floors?

Oil based poly takes a bit longer to fully cure and harden, and thus our recommendation is to wait a minimum of 5 days before putting any furniture on the floor. A week is the perfect amount of time! Pets (especially dogs) should not be allowed on a newly treated oil-based polyurethane floor for at least a week after treatment.

Is the smell of wood stain harmful to dogs?

Paint fumes pose the greatest risk to pets because of the possibility of lung inflammation. A weak immune system and strong fumes can lead to pneumonia in your pet. Their respiratory system can be irritated by the solvent fumes, and coughing or hacking is the most common symptom.

How long before you can walk on water-based polyurethane floors?

Your new floors can also be damaged by water and other liquids. In other words, it’s best to avoid walking through the room until all of the coats have dried. Your floors should be off limits for 24 hours after the final coat of paint has dried. There’s no other way to keep things safe.

How long does it take for refinished floors to cure?

Furniture should not be returned to its original location until the hardwood has been refinished or finished for at least 48 to 72 hours. Keep a steady temperature and humidity within your home.

How long does water-based polyurethane take to cure?

As little as four hours after applying water-based polyurethane to hardwood floors, it is completely dry. After that, you’re free to put on socks and walk around the room. You can begin moving furniture back onto it in three days. Water-based polyurethane, on the other hand, can take up to 21 days to fully cure.

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