What type of chemical bond is present in the cl2 molecule?

covalent bonds

Also asked, what type of chemical bond is present in chlorine molecule explain your answer?

Covalent bond

Beside above, is cl2 a pure covalent bond? Pure vs. Since the bonding atoms are identical, Cl2 also features a pure covalent bond. When the atoms linked by a covalent bond are different, the bonding electrons are shared, but no longer equally.

Furthermore, what type of bond will exist in the chlorine molecule?

The two chlorine atoms are said to be joined by a covalent bond. The reason that the two chlorine atoms stick together is that the shared pair of electrons is attracted to the nucleus of both chlorine atoms. Hydrogen atoms only need two electrons in their outer level to reach the noble gas structure of helium.

Is cl2 ionic or covalent bond?

Cl2 molecule has a covalent bond because each one P electron fills the free place of the last P orbital. there must be sharp difference between the electronegativities of the two atoms to form ionic bond.

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