What size screw goes into an outlet box?

the screw that holds the device on is a 6-32, usually about 1 inch. on steel boxes, the screw that holds the cover or plaster ring on is an 8-32, fairly short. trim plate screws are 6-32 but they are painted to match the plates.

Keeping this in consideration, what size screw goes in a ceiling box?

Octagon (ceiling) box screws are 8-32. Wall box screws are 6-32. Fan support box screws and ground connection screws are 10-32. Both ceiling and wall box screws are typically about 1-1/4″ long, combo head.

Beside above, can you screw an electrical box to a stud? Nail-on plastic electrical boxes are affordable and easy to use. Electrical boxes that are mounted to wall studs during new construction must be positioned so that, when drywall is added, the face of the box will be flush with (or very slightly inset from) the wall’s surface.

Furthermore, what type of screw is used to install switches and receptacles into device boxes?

406.5 states: “Screws used for the purpose of attaching receptacles to a box shall be of the type provided with a listed receptacle, or shall be machine screws having 32 threads per inch or part of listed assemblies or systems, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.”

What type of screws are used on electrical panels?

The cheaper grade panels use course thread sheet metal screws and the higher end panels use tapped broad head machine screws. There really is no standard; just go to the hardware store and buy a few that look close. But be sure to purchase screws specifically for fastening the cover of an electrical panel.

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