What is the purpose of scuppers in heavy timber construction?

What is the purpose of scuppers in heavy timber construction? One of the major problems with the modification procedures in heavy timber construction is that? It may create void spaces. It creates unsprinklered areas.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the most important feature in mill construction?

To maintain the integrity of the building, the fire wall openings must be protected by: A) automatic sprinkler systems.

Beside above, what is the difference between mill construction and heavy timber construction? The thicker the piece of wood is the longer it will take to ignite. Also, during that period, the resources needed, labor and materials were cheap. This end result was referred to for many years as “mill construction” and it is now known as “heavy timber,” “post and beam” or “post and plank.”

Correspondingly, why do testing laboratories not test heavy timber members?

All of the following are reasons that a heavy timber building is a conflagration breeder, except: Tremendous amounts of heat transfer from convection currents, which can ignite exposures hundreds of feet away.

In what year did the Worcester Cold Storage fire occur killing six firefighters in an abandoned heavy timber building?


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