What is Seemantham called in English?

Although in ancient times Seemantham was performed on the birth of each child, today it may be limited to the first born. This ritual is similar to a baby shower performed in Western cultures. The word “Seemantham” refers to parting the hair just above the eyebrow where the Goddess of Wealth, Sri Mahalakshmi, resides.

The English word for Gathbandhan is-

  1. Alliance ( for any group)
  2. Coalition ( for political parties)
  3. Combination ( for objects or things)

It means convective/convection rainfall.

Convection rainfall is what happens when the sun heats a water source to the point that water turns into vapour and rises. By the time it reaches the condensation level, the vapour is usually cool enough to turn back into water and fall in the form of rain.

This particular phrase was popularised by Dr. Ramanan of IMD, who created a glossary of Tamil word equivalents to meteorological jargon enabling the lay person understand the weather patterns. This glossary is hosted on the website of the Chennai Met Dept.

The appropriate word in English for the Telugu word “Vadi povadam” is

Withered (relating a plant/flower ) :

  • meaning to become dry and shrivelled
  • wilt ,fade,droop…etc are its approaching words.

Example :

  1. Poovulu vadipovadam can be said as withering of flowers.
  2. Vadipoyina chettu can be said as withered plant.

Any modifications to the above can be suggested.

Similarly, who will do Seemantham?

Seemantham is usually observed by the mother-to-be when she completes her 5th, 7th or 9th month of pregnancy. This celebration is performed by the pregnant lady’s parents and her in-laws would bring her a new saree along with sweets and fruits for the mom-to-be.

Furthermore, what is the English name of Valaikappu function? There is strictly no English word for Valaikappu as it is a custom and tradition unique to Tamils. The closest word and the one used by people for want of a better term is “Baby Shower”. A better term would be “Bangle Ceremony”. This is a Tamil word and I hail from Tamilnadu, India.

Also Know, what is the difference between Valaikappu and Seemantham?

Valaikappu is the bangle ceremony. The pregnant woman is adorned with 20 bangles in left hand and 21 bangles in the right hand. The bangles were then given to other women who attended the ceremony. In seemantham, there was what is known in tamil as aala moghu/aththi moghu and a porcupine quill.

Which month is good for Valaikappu?

The valaikappu is typically hosted by the woman’s parents in either her 9th or 7th month of pregnancy.

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