What is indented natural in diamond?

Indented Natural An area of the rough diamond’s surface which dips below the polished diamond’s surface. An indented natural is a part of the rough diamond that was left untouched during the polishing process and is usually found at the girdle.

Moreover, what is a natural inclusion in a diamond?

Natural Inclusions in Diamonds. Almost every diamond displays tiny ‘birthmarks’, called inclusions, which occur naturally when the diamond was formed deep within the earth. These inclusions act as nature’s fingerprint and give each diamond its unique character.

Secondly, what are the worst inclusions in a diamond? THE WORST DIAMOND INCLUSIONS

  • The 4 Worst Inclusions.
  • 1) Black Carbon Spots.
  • Not all Carbon is Bad…
  • Point is, stay away from Black Spots!
  • 2) Inclusions Top, Center of your Diamond.
  • 3) Long Cracks or Fractures.
  • 4) Chips on the Side of the Diamond.
  • Girdle Chips.

Also question is, what do inclusions look like in a diamond?

They are essentially tiny black spots, like blackheads on skin, which are noticeable on the table of a diamond. Feather inclusions are the second most common, and possibly one for concern. They are small internal cracks, and if they are present from top to bottom, the diamond’s durability could be compromised.

What are crystals in a diamond?

Crystals – Included minerals that exist within the body of the diamond. Depending on the type of minerals they are, crystals can be colorless (possibly an embedded diamond!), black (carbon), reddish (garnets), greenish (peridots) and etc… Crystals can exist in different kinds of shapes and colors.

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