What Is Floor General Admission?

There is only standing room on the general admission floor in front of the stage. It’s a first-come, first-served area, which means it’s a hotbed for raucous dancing and crowd-surfing.

Is general admission floor seating good?

Be prepared to arrive early if you purchase a general admission ticket on the floor. Also, expect to be up close and personal with other attendees, as these areas tend to be congested. As with no seats on the floor at some concerts, it’s more common for the area to be left open to the public as a whole.

Is it better to sit in balcony or orchestra?

There is a nosebleed connotation attached to the word “balcony,” but ticket buyers are less frightened by the word “mezzanine.” In general, front mezzanine seats are equal to or better than orchestra seats, depending on the performance. In the mezzanine, you might be better off for a show with a visual sweep or complex choreography.

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