What Is Brush On Gel Used For?

A hard, smooth, shiny surface is achieved in under 5 minutes with Brush-On Gel products, which self-level and set. It’s up to you whether or not you want to finish your French manicure with a different color of nail polish. Use the Gel/Activator combination for a quick pedicure on your toes.

What is Brush-on Gel glue?

The best brush on glue gel for professional results is Nail Bliss Wonder Bond Brush On Glue Gel. In order to achieve a more natural appearance, the glue gel has a higher viscosity, which allows it to fill the entire space between the nail bed and the wrap.

How do you use the gel brush on a kiss nail kit?

First, finish the dominant hand. When applying polish to a single nail, be sure to avoid the skin and the cuticle area. Next, apply Activator with a brush from Brush Cleaner to WET GEL. When using WET GEL, apply a thin coat of Activator as you would polish.

How long do kiss gel nails last?

Keep in mind that the recommended wear time for Kiss Nails is just seven days before a new set is applied.

What does kiss Activator do?

The KISS Salon Dip Color System includes Salon Dip Activator, which binds and cures the color layers.

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