What is black stove pipe made of?

Single Wall Black Stove Pipes Our Single Wall Black Stove Pipe is manufactured from heavy duty 22 gauge cold rolled steel (the thickest in the industry!) and ensures a perfectly round pipe to pipe fit with smooth welded seams for easy installation.

Also asked, what gauge is black stove pipe?

6″x36″ Black Stove Pipe is a heavier steel (22 gauge) and the welded seams ensure stability in the event of a chimney fire. Pipe lengths have male and female ends rather than crimped ends.

Furthermore, what kind of stove pipe do I need? Standard Single. Single-wall stove pipe is used on standard wood stove installations. It should be at least 24-gauge sheet metal or thicker — the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. Typical code requires that single-wall stove pipe maintain at least an 18-inch clearance from any combustible material.

Herein, is single wall stove pipe safe?

From that point on class A chimney pipe is required. Black single wall stove pipe has a clearance to combustibles of 18” (double-wall black pipe has a clearance of 6″) whereas class A chimney pipe is generally 2”. There a no safe way to use black stove pipe for the entire chimney system so ask yourself…

Can you cut black stove pipe?

Although you can cut the stovepipe to length before it is assembled, it is often easier to cut the stovepipe after it has been put together. One tool will cut the stovepipe quickly in one step, eliminating the need to use multiple tools to drill a starting hole and then make the cut.

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