What is a one arm drive wheelchair?

A one arm wheelchair is a specialty type of wheelchair that allows the user to propel themselves in a manual chair by using a mechanism that allows them to use just one arm. By pushing on one wheel it will also propel the other side to move as well.

Hereof, can you use a wheelchair with one arm?

One arm drive systems can be used on either the right hand side of the wheelchair or the left hand side of the wheelchair as long as the user has good strength and dexterity on that side.

Subsequently, question is, what is the lightest self propelled wheelchair? At just 10.4kg , the Karma Ergo Lite 2 SelfPropelled is one of the lightest SP wheelchairs on the market. It is equipped with the S-Ergo seat that is designed to reduce pressure on the body and also provides excellent support.

Similarly, what is a hemiplegic wheelchair?

experience the typical wheelchair user with hemiplegia uses. a manual wheelchair, propelling it with both the sound arm and. leg. To facilitate this propulsive pattern, the wheelchair footrest on. the unaffected side is usually removed, and the seat height may.

What is a hemi wheelchair?

Hemi Height Wheelchairs. Most hemi wheelchairs are built on a a dual axle, which allow for adjustments from standard height to hemi height. The lower hemi height, which is generally two to three inches, allows the seated user to easily propel their wheelchair with their feet.

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