What is a lining board?

Boral’s Australian hardwood Lining Board provides an attractive and economical way to line the interior of both new and old buildings. It offers design freedom, ease of handling, a range of products and the natural beauty of Australian timber species.

Also question is, what is VJ board?

Tongue and Groove (VJ) Boards VJ or vertical joints (also known as tongue and groove) run vertically to create a wall and were very common in old Queenslanders. Tongue and groove is a method of fitting similar objects together, edge to edge, used mainly with wood paneling.

Also Know, what is Matchboard timber? Matchboard by definition is “a board with a groove cut along one edge and a tongue along the other so as to fit snugly with the edges of similarly cut boards.”

Furthermore, what is a ceiling lining?

Wall and ceiling liners make, apply and fix the internal and external linings of commercial and domestic buildings. These linings may include office partitions, non-structural walls and ceilings.

How do you use tongue and groove walls?

Run a bead of construction adhesive down the back of each tongue-and-groove board. Turn the board so the tongue is facing the rest of the wall and the groove is against the starting edge. Press the board into place and check for plumb — straight up and down — or level.

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