What happens when you give a Lyft driver a bad review?

Unfortunately riders are free and able to give or change their rating when ever. This means if you were given a bad rating then you could be a jerk and make a false claim to get back at them. But trust me 99.99% the driver did so because it was an issue to them, not just being a jerk.

People also ask, do Lyft drivers see your review?

There is nowhere customers can see their rating in the Lyft app. When a Lyft passenger gets a five star rating form a driver, Lyft sends them an email and notifies them through the app to congratulate them on getting a perfect rating. However, if a passenger gets 1-4 stars, they receive no notice.

Furthermore, what happens if I forget to rate my Lyft driver? If you forget to tip or rate your driver, don’t worry — Lyft says it has your back. Riders will also be able to tip while a ride is underway, not just after it’s over. The second change is one over which riders have no direct control — drivers will automatically get a five-star rating if a rider forgets to rate them.

In respect to this, what happens when you give an Uber driver a bad review?

Drivers are given two opportunities to attend retraining and recover their rating. If their rating falls below the threshold for a third time, the driver will be permanently suspended from Uber. If a driver scores an average of 4.4 or more in the week but misses their threshold, they will not be suspended.

What happens when you give a Lyft driver one star?

Uber will deactivate an Uber Drivers account if their Average Rating falls below 4.6%. That’s right, 4.6%! As you can imagine, it doesn’t take TOO many 3-4 Star Ratings to bring it down to 4.6%. By giving an Uber Driver 1–2 Stars, you‘re saying they offended you, or had a wreck, or something MAJOR happened!

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