What does WSP mean on a ball valve?

WOG stands for the water, oil, and gas rating for the valve and reflects the maximum pressure capability of the valve at 100 F. WSP stands for working steam pressure and reflects the maximum pressure rating for the valve at the highest temperature rating.

Likewise, people ask, what does CWP mean on a ball valve?

Cold Working Pressure

Likewise, can you use ball valves on steam? Though most types of valves can control steam flow, special service conditions exist with steam regarding temperature and pressure. The most commonly used steam valves are listed here. Ball valves provide tight shut-off and predictable control. They are used as throttling valves to control flow.

Also to know, what is fire safe valve?

The purpose of a firesafe valve is to prevent or hinder flammabel fluid (liquid or gas or gases formed from liqid phase)to pass, at least for a given time and at least during that periode not in critical amounts, a closed valve during overheating of the pipeline , caused by fire or similar events.

What is the trim on a valve?

The operating parts of a valve which are normally exposed to the process fluid are referred to as ‘valve trim‘. Usually parts like stem, plug, disc, seating surface etc. are called as valve trim. Valve trim is the physical shape of the plug and seat arrangement.

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