What does the Xiphihumeralis do?

It is directly inferior (vertically below) the pectoralis minor. Function of xiphihumeralis – helps draw the arm to the chest (pectoralis major and pectoralis minor also do this.)

Keeping this in view, what is the function of the Pectoantebrachialis?

Blue6MuscularSystem. Pectoantebrachialis– Most Superficial muscles in the chest superficial to the pectoralis major. Originates from the manubrium and inserts on the fascia of the forelimb near the elbow. Human Comparison/Feline Function– Helps pull the felines front limbs towards its center.

One may also ask, do humans have Xiphihumeralis? Humans do not have the pectoantebrachialis and xiphihumeralis muscles. In humans, pectoralis major is much larger than pectoralis minor; in cats these two muscles are roughly of equal size.

Also question is, what does the Spinodeltoid do?

The spinodeltoid arises from the scapula spine and inserts on the proximal portion of the humerus. The acromiodeltoid and spinodeltoid work synergistically to flex the humerus and rotate it outward.

What muscles do cats have that humans don t?

Clavotrapezius, acromiotrapezius, & spinotrapezius are back muscles in the cat. There is one trapezius muscle in the human. The levator scapulae ventralis is found in the cat but is missing in the human. Caudofemoralis is found in the cat but not in the human.

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