What does a shift supervisor at CVS make?

What does a Starbucks shift supervisor earn per hour?

While shift supervisors make a little more, on average, they earn $10.29 an hour, according to 372 comments on Glassdoor. Store managers, on the other hand, earn around $44,000, according to an average of 341 responses on Glassdoor. Starbucks, according to Andrada, considers total remuneration rather than simply hourly rates or salaries.


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Are incentives offered to CVS employees?

Employee bonuses at C.V.S. are worth an average of $6,167 every year on average. Among workers who report getting a bonus, the average yearly bonus pay at C.V.S. varies from $1,750 to $2,035 for those who receive a bonus.


What does a shift leader at Walgreens get paid per hour?

How much money does a Shift Leader earn at Walgreens in the United States of America?

The average hourly wage for a Walgreens Shift Leader in the United States is roughly $14.70, which is approximately 24 percent more than the national average.


What salary might a shift leader expect to earn?

In the United States, the national average compensation for a Shift Leader is $24,807 per year. Shift Leader wages in your region may be found by filtering by location.


What does a Rite Aid shift supervisor earn on a weekly basis?

Rite Aid Shift Supervisor Wages and Benefits Job Description and Salary 101 Rite Aid Shift Supervisor salaries were recorded, with an average wage of $12 per hour. Rite Aid is a drugstore chain in the United States. Salary information for Rite Aid Shift Supervisors has been collected from 22 different sources. $10/hr Rite Aid Rite Aid Shift Supervisor Salaries – 7 salaries reported at $30,864/year Rite Aid


In what state does Rite Aid pay its employees when they first start?

Starting compensation for Rite Aid cashier positions is often at or below the federal minimum wage. Pay rates may be influenced by factors such as job experience and location of work. The typical hourly compensation for a cashier at Rite Aid is between $8.00 and $9.50 per hour, depending on experience. When working at Rite Aid, many hourly workers might also qualify for employment benefits.


At CVS, how much money does a store manager in training bring in?

Approximately $50,840 is the average annual salary for CVS Health Managers in Training in the United States, which is 12 percent over the national average.


What is the role of a CVS cashier?

CVS cashiers are often responsible for stocking shelves, providing customer service, and assisting with sales. Cashiers working for a drugstore chain are responsible for a variety of tasks, including ringing up goods, processing payments, resolving customer complaints, and answering inquiries regarding products, rules, and services.


What exactly does the shift supervisor do?

During a specific shift, a shift manager is responsible for overseeing the running of the firm while also working alongside the personnel. In addition to the activities listed above, a shift manager is responsible for: delegating responsibilities to staff members and ensuring that they are completed effectively and correctly.


What is the beginning wage at CVS?

Pay at CVS will increase to $11 an hour beginning in January. CVS Health has announced that it would raise the beginning hourly wage for its employees in the United States to $11. There are 240,000 people in the United States that are paid a beginning salary of $9 an hour, while many of them make far more.


How much do supervisors get paid per hour worked?

Salary Range (Percentile) for the 25th percentile of the national average salary Salary: $2,250 to $3,028 per month Salary per week: $519 to $699 Hourly Rates: $13 to $17 per hour


Is CVS a good place to work?

C.V.S.’s Hourly Rate is on the average. C.V.S. employees get hourly wages ranging from an average of $10.08 to $28.58 per hour. Workers with the job title Pharmacist earn the most at C.V.S., earning an average hourly rate of $61.42 on average, while employees with the job title Cashier earn the least, earning an average hourly rate of $10.52 on average.


When it comes to shift management, what exactly are the duties and responsibilities?

The following are some of the duties of a Shift Manager: delegating work to restaurant employees and monitoring their performance. keeping an adequately stocked inventory and placing orders for more food supplies as required Taking care of dinner reservations.


Is CVS paid on a weekly basis?

Approximately every two weeks, CVS pays its workers. Every two weeks, you will get a paycheck, which may be set up so that it is immediately deposited into your checking account.


What exactly is the role of a CVS operations manager?

Functions and Responsibilities When working as a member of the Store Management team, the Operations Manager helps the company achieve its mission of assisting people on their path to better health by driving store execution and performance while also increasing consumer loyalty to CVS/pharmacy through a commitment to providing excellent customer service to all customers.

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