What do the potions do in Wormate io?

What do the Potions do? Purple Position- Makes you bigger by just eating it. Blue Position- Makes you turn better and faster. Green Position- Makes you go fast.

Just so, what do the powerups do in Wormate io?

They will drop their xp in food, you can take it, and it gives more mass than normal food. If you using pad or smart phone: If you click left corner of your pad or smart phone,you will move faster. Power-ups are special types of food that give you new abilities, but only for a short amount of time.

Furthermore, how do you get skins on Wormate io? The Different Kind Of Wormate.io Skins Click on the share button and unlock the skin. The skins are also sorted out in a way so that you can find them easily. Animal skins are grouped together, neon skins and spikes are grouped together . When you are flipping over try to pick one and then play with that skin.

Keeping this in view, how do you play Wormate io?

Wormate.io Controls io games. Move your worm by moving your mouse around. If you slide your mouse to the right, your worm moves to the right. Move your mouse in a circular motion and your worm will emulate the movements.

Can I play Wormate?

Wormate.io has been developed by Oleksandr Godoba. The game uses HTML5 to run in most browsers. You can play this game in full-screen. Wormate.io is available on your computer and as a downloadable app.

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