What did St Clare do for a living?


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Similarly, what did St Clare do?

The group became known for their austere and devout lifestyle and for the power of their prayer, which is credited with saving Assisi from invaders twice. After Francis’ death, Clare continued his work and broadened her own influence. Clare died in 1253 and was canonized two years later by Pope Alexander IV.

Similarly, where did Saint Clare of Assisi live? Assisi

Similarly, it is asked, what miracles did St Clare of Assisi perform?

She was credited with other miracles in life and after death. In 1958 Pope Pius XII declared her patron of television, citing an incident during her last illness when she miraculously heard and saw the Christmas midnight mass in the basilica of San Francesco on the far side of Assisi.

Who were Saint Clare of Assisi parents?

Favorino Sciffi Father Ortolana Mother

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