What Color Flooring Goes With Cherry Cabinets?

Should wood floors be lighter or darker than cabinets?

It’s not uncommon to wonder if wood floors should match or contrast with cabinetry. As it turns out, this question doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. Dark-wood cabinets look great with light-colored hardwood floors, and vice versa. On the other hand, matching the colors isn’t impossible.

What color tones cherry cabinets?

pastel hues, beige, and off-whiteA kitchen with cherry cabinets will benefit from adding vibrant colors to counteract the dark tones. Kitchen countertops and backsplash in white or beige are an excellent match for cherry cabinets.

What wood goes with cherry?

Cherry looks great with any light-colored wood in contemporary designs. Spalted or not, I’m a fan of maple. If you’re working with an older design, a wood that’s darker than cherry might look good. In addition to cherry, sycamore is a gorgeous wood choice.

Does cherry furniture go with gray floors?

Decide if you want the floor to stand out or blend in with the cherry-finished furnishings. Off-white, grey, and blue are some of the most popular floor colors that complement cherry furniture. Make sure that the carpet or tiling in your home has these undertones of grey and blue. If you want to match, go with beige or brown flooring.

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