What college was Transformers Revenge of the Fallen filmed at?

The college scenes were shot at both the University of Pennsylvania and the Princeton University. However, neither school is named in the film, as both schools felt that the Judy Witwicky scenes were damaging to their image.

Hereof, where did they film Transformers Revenge of the Fallen?

From June 2–4, the production filmed an action sequence at the Bethlehem Steel site in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which was used to represent a portion of Shanghai. Afterwards, they shot at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Subsequently, question is, what cars are in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen? The Cars of “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”

  • Chevy Volt: Jolt. Prototypes of the electric Volt are starting to turn up, and it looks like we could see a 2011 release.
  • Chevy Stingray Concept: Sideswipe.
  • Chevy Trax: Mudflap.
  • Chevy Beat: Skidz.
  • GMC Topkick: Ironhide.
  • Optimus Prime.

Secondly, what college does Sam Witwicky go to?

In 2009, Sam Witwicky graduated high school and entered college at the University of Oregon.

What is the name of the Decepticons in Transformers 2?


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