What Causes Hardwood Floors To Separate?

What causes the floorboards to come apart? Because wood is a natural product, it expands and contracts with changes in moisture and temperature. Wood expands when it absorbs moisture from the air and is exposed to high temperatures and moisture levels.

How do I keep my hardwood floors from separating?

Use a humidifier in the winter months to keep your home’s relative humidity stable and prevent large gaps in your wood floors. In the summer, use exhaust fans and dehumidifiers to keep the air dry. Wood filler can be used to fill in small gaps up to 332 inch wide.

Can gaps in hardwood floors be fixed?

Repairs are not required for minor gaps. As the wood expands, filler will be pushed out by the expanding wood. Call a professional contractor to fix larger gaps in your floor that won’t close. Repairing a hardwood floor is best done between April and October.

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