What Causes Condensation On Floors?

Air that is saturated with water vapour is forced to condense when it comes into direct contact with a cold surface, resulting in the formation of condensation. This is known as the “dewpoint,” and condensation can be seen on surfaces as a result of water evaporation.

How do you stop condensation on the floor?

In order to dry out a room, you can use a high volume, low speed fan. Keep the temperature of the concrete floor and the surrounding air similar by turning down the air conditioning or increasing the heat. Using a dehumidifier will help reduce condensation in the air.

Why are my floors sweating?

SSS is caused by the difference in temperature between the air in the room and the floor. This is also known as concrete sweating, and occurs when the air vapor cools and reaches the floor temperature.

Will a dehumidifier reduce condensation?

Only by using dehumidifiers will you be able to lessen condensation, but not eliminate it. A dehumidifier must work in conjunction with adequate ventilation and air exchange with the outside in order to prevent condensation.

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