What can I use instead of Pinesol?

Distilled Vinegar Common household white vinegar is an effective cleaning substitute for Pine-Sol. Vinegar is nontoxic and since it is acidic, also dissolves stains on hard surfaces. Also, priced at just a few dollars a gallon, vinegar is less expensive than Pine-Sol.

In respect to this, does Pine Sol keep bugs away?

Flies HATE pinesol. Mix it with water, about 50/50 and put it in a spray bottle. Use to wipe counters or spray on the porch and patio table and furniture to drive them away.

Likewise, how do you make Pine Sol at home? Fill the bottle with 2 cups of water, about 8 drops of pine scented essential oil, 4 drops of cedar scented essential oil and 2 teaspoons of borax. That’s all you need. Now just shake the bottle to make sure that everything mixes well and remember to shake it each time before you use it.

Also know, is Pine Sol environmentally friendly?

A new study out today reveals that numerous popular cleaner brands, including Glade, Clorox, Pine Sol, and the ostensibly ecofriendly Simple Green, contain chemicals that are known to cause hormone disruption, pregnancy complications, birth defects, and cancer, and can aggravate allergies.

Will Pine Sol get rid of dog urine smell?

Pet Pee Deterrent If you have trouble with your dog or cat peeing in the house, Pine Sol is a good way to stop the behavior in its tracks. Just clean the area that they sprayed with Pine Sol and water. Pets like to pee on ammonia-cleaned surfaces, since urine contains ammonia.

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