What Are Cool Ranch Doritos called in England?

Cool Ranch Doritos are sold under the name “Cool Original” in the UK and are calledCool American” elsewhere in Europe, as ranch dressing is less common in those places.

Herein, what Are Cool Ranch Doritos called in other countries?

Doritos Cool American (Doritos Cool Ranch in Europe) However, in many parts of Europe, the flavor is known as Cool American because Europeans often call Ranch sauce “American” sauce.

Furthermore, what is the actual Flavour of cool original Doritos? Answer. Answer: In America cool original flavour is called cool ranch.

Correspondingly, why are they called Cool Ranch Doritos?

Because apparently, in some European countries, “Cool RanchDoritos are calledCool American.” Of course, in the UK, the flavor is calledCool Original,” which only makes you wonder if anyone knows what real Doritos are supposed to taste like.

What is Cool Ranch Flavour?

According to Wikipedia, ranch dressing is made of “some combination of buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, herbs (commonly chives, parsley, and dill), and spices (commonly black pepper, paprika, and ground mustard seed).” Is that what my favorite Doritos taste like?

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