The Legislation Of Online Casinos In Canada

Canada can be referred to as a land filled with milk and honey. However, this is only for travellers and gamblers across the world as the North American country possesses beautiful scenes that will make the heart of the average tourist palpitate, and across the country are luxurious land-based casinos where gamblers can easily indulge in their gambling activities. Amongst tourists, Canada is one of the most amazing countries to visit at least once in a lifetime. For gamblers, the country is considered a safe haven for them.

Being the second-largest country in the world means Canada also has its proper regulation and legislation to avoid making things go haywire in the long run. To keep the gambling industry in check while ensuring the safety of its residents, Canada imposed several robust laws in making sure it is controlled.

Alberta is known to have the highest population in Canada and it is no stranger to sports and gambling as it is surrounded by the 28 licensed casinos within its borders. As long as you’re past the age of 17, you can gamble at the land-based casinos as well as the official online gambling site: Play Alberta. While the province participates in the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, it doesn’t allow the sales of online lotteries. However, its residents can play online casino games at Play Alberta. Studies showed that over 4% of the province’s budget is generated from gambling revenue.

British Columbia

The official online gambling site in British Columbia is Play Now, and it has been active since 2004. Owned by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, this site houses several gambling options from sports betting to offering various casino games like poker, bingo and even lottery. The legal gambling age in the province is 19, and it has over 34 casino establishments within its borders.


The legal gambling age in Quebec is 18 and its residents are allowed to play at any online casino platform they wish to. However, there are rumours that the Quebec government is planning to block all online gaming platforms that are not licensed from Loto-Quebec, which is also the official online gambling site of the province. All gambling games including bingo are regulated and licensed by this corporation in the Quebec province.

Nova Scotia

The legal gambling age of this province is 19, and although it has an official online gambling site – Atlantic Lottery -, its resident are allowed to indulge in online gambling activities at any online casinos within or outside its borders.


These are only a few of the provinces known in Canada, there are also territories with a little population like Nunavut and Yukon. The gambling laws there differ from one province to another, so if you find yourself in a Canadian province, you should first check out and understand the gambling laws being regulated by the province before opting to play casino games.

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