Should Liriope be cut back in the fall?

Answer: There are several plants that are virtually impossible to kill. One of them is liriope, or monkey grass. Therefore, you do not have to wait until late winter to trim the leaves back. I cut all my liriope back to within about 4 inches from the ground in the fall.

Also asked, can I cut back liriope in the fall?

Timing the Trim Fall trimming of anthracnose-blemished plants — in warm-winter climates, at least — keeps them looking good until spring. Cutting back cold-damaged foliage can wait until anytime between January and April, depending on when the threat of subzero temperatures subsides in your area.

Beside above, how do you prune liriope grass? Pruning is best done in late winter, prior to the new growing season. Use hedge shears, lopping shears or power pruners to cut the plant back close to ground level. Be sure to wear a long-sleeve shirt and gloves when pruning to protect yourself from the sharp leaf blades.

Simply so, should you cut down Liriope?

Liriope is a very sturdy plant. The best time to trim liriope is winter. Now is a good time, and any time up until about mid-March will work. As soon as the plant starts to grow, any trimming will cut the new tips and the plant will be disfigured for the rest of the year.

How do you maintain Liriope?

How to Maintain a Liriope Variegata

  1. Water the plant regularly, providing at least 1 inch of water every week when there’s no natural rainfall.
  2. Cut off old, ragged foliage when new foliage appears in spring.
  3. Rake the area around the plant to remove leaves and other plant debris where slugs and snails like to hide.

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