Is Truck Driving a bad job?

They ranked the worst jobs in the U.S. based on job stress, satisfaction, safety, pay, future job prospects, and job security. … Driving a truck can be a difficult and stressful job. Drivers are responsible for vehicles that often weigh over 26,000 pounds and often lose sleep to meet strict delivery deadlines.

Is a truck driver a good job?

Driving a truck can earn you a good living also. … Some truck drivers earn up to $85,000 per year. As there is always a shortage of good drivers, most companies have started giving benefits to retain drivers. Dental, medical, life insurance, vision and retirement are some of the benefits that a truck driver gets.

Is truck driving a stressful job? From making sure that their vehicle is in tip-top shape, to managing their hours correctly, making deadlines, getting enough sleep, safely operating the truck, and navigating legal and regulatory hurdles, truck driving can be about as stressful a job as there is.

Is truck driving a good paying job?

Attractive pay rates Senior truck driver salaries can reach up to $70,000 a year. Hourly rates generally range from approx. $20 – $30 per hour, with night shift often proving to be even more lucrative.

Why do truck drivers quit?

Many drivers walk away from their job because they feel let down by management, and not appreciated enough for the grueling job they do every day. Drivers want to know what’s expected of them, to see growth in the company they work for, and how it affects their future.

Is driving a truck hard?

Operating a large commercial motor vehicle can be challenging. However, with enough practice and training, truck driving is not overly difficult. Truck driving is not hard to learn. With enough training and practice, you’ll learn how to control both the truck and the trailer.

Do truckers get robbed?

Forty percent of truck drivers victimized by crime on the road say that crimes were violent in nature, including reports of rape, assault and armed robberies, according to the results of a new poll.

What is the life expectancy of a truck driver?

2 Fast Lane blog: “According to the (CDC), the average life expectancy for a commercial truck driver is 61 years.

Why are truck drivers so unhealthy?

Exercise can be tough to fit in because most of their time is spent sitting behind the wheel. Three of the biggest health problems truckers face today are obesity, sleep apnea, and smoking-related health issues (half of all truckers smoke); all three the results of poor and unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Why do truck drivers get paid so much?

Unlike other careers with a set salary, Truck Drivers are typically paid a set rate per mile that they travel, not for how long they work. … You may find some companies paying more because of the high demand for Class A licensed Truck Drivers due to the ongoing truck driver shortage.

What is the highest paying truck driving job?

  • Ice road trucking. …
  • Hazmat hauling. …
  • Tanker hauling. …
  • Oversized load hauling. …
  • Luxury car hauling. …
  • Team driving. …
  • Owner-operator jobs. …
  • Private fleets.

What are the pros and cons of truck driving?

  • PRO: An Easy Start. …
  • CON: The Potential for an Unhealthy Lifestyle. …
  • PRO: Job Security. …
  • CON: Instances of Fatigue. …
  • PRO: An Independent Work Day. …
  • CON: Being Alone Most of the Day. …
  • PRO: Minimal Tediousness.

Is 50 too old to become a truck driver?

If you’re thinking about training to become a truck driver at 50+, chances are that you’re not alone. … The trucking industry doesn’t have an age maximum, but it does have a minimum age of 18 (or 21 to drive interstate), so think of your age as experience.

Is there a truck driver shortage 2020?

Yes, they say, the trucking labor market is “tight” — meaning that companies are competing to fill open jobs — but it functions in the same way as any other labor market. “There is no shortage,” says Todd Spencer, the president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

How much do Amazon truck drivers make?

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $73,500 $1,413
75th Percentile $61,000 $1,173
Average $48,804 $938
25th Percentile $33,000 $634

How much do beginner truckers make?

The average yearly salary for rookies is $40,000. Of course, bonuses and additional perks are available for their top drivers.

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