How to Optimize Your Dealership’s Online Store and Sell More

According to Think With Google, 95% of car buyers start their search online. Your dealership’s online store is the digital storefront that online shoppers see, so it should be inviting and convert prospects into buyers. An optimized website attracts more traffic, but is yours just another car site without conversions and actual sales?

How do you optimize your online store and sell more cars? Here are five tips to make it inviting and convince visitors to take action.

Optimize Your Product Pages

An online store is different from a physical store in that the customer cannot see or feel the car or test the features. Optimizing the product pages is paramount if you want to convince prospects and make sales online.

For example, if your website displays used trucks for sale, the product pages should contain compelling descriptions and high-quality images and videos. Take high-quality pictures from different angles, take professional videos, and write detailed product descriptions. If you cannot do all this yourself, hire professionals to do it for you.

Increase User Engagement and Add a Call-to-Action

When a customer walks into your physical store, you welcome them, ask them what they are looking for and convince them to buy something. An online store isn’t different; the customer should receive the same attention. Enhance user engagement by using LiveChat, push notifications, and inviting visitors to sign up for discounts. Another way to convince people to take action is by strategically placing call-to-actions on the site.

Use Reviews and Testimonials

Have you recently sold vehicles to customers and they loved the experience? Ask them to leave a review on your website and on other review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, and DealerRater. A car buyer will get persuaded when they see a positive review by another car buyer. Video testimonials also work magic. Politely ask happy customers to send videos showing how your online shop helped them get the car of their dreams. You will see prospects convert into buyers in no time.

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