How To Keep Bears Out Of Bird Feeders?

How do you get bird feeders without attracting bears?

Bears that dislike the spicy flavor of red pepper can be deterred from eating birdseed that has been liberally spiced with the spice. In addition to sprinkling pepper or vinegar or ammonia on the ground around the feeder to scare off curious bears, these methods may also work.

Do bears go after bird feeders?

Bird seed, garbage, compost, fruit trees, berry bushes, barbeques, pet food, and outdoor refrigerators/freezers are all attractive to bears. However, the abundance of “bear food” in our neighborhoods makes bird feeders a definite draw for bears.

Why are bears attracted to bird feeders?

As a result, Bird Feeders can become Bear Feeders.A typical 7-pound feeder of birdseed contains over 18,000 calories. 32 ounces of nectar, which is the preferred food for hummingbirds, contains 3,200 calories. As a result, black bears may find bird feeders to be enticing sources of nourishment.

Can bears smell bird feeders?

There is a strong correlation between the scent of food and bear attraction. In most cases, it is not bird feeders that draw bears to a backyard, but rather things like BBQ grills, compost piles, fruit trees, and pet food that emit an enticing scent. When a bear is looking for other food, it is not uncommon for it to come across a bird feeder.

How far can a bear smell bird seed?

One bird ate thistle seed, while the other two dined on suet. There is simply too much fat and protein in these foods to be ignored by bears, said Timmins. They can detect it from a distance of more than a mile. During the spring and summer, bears’ natural foods tend to be carb-heavy and fat-free.

Can a bear climb a metal pole?

Be aware that bears are capable of scaling walls. When they’re standing on their hind legs, they’re even taller. Those pesky bears have been kept at bay thanks to our bear-proof bird feeder pole (shown above). The bear can’t bend or reach the feeders with a tall, heavy-duty steel pole.

What animals eat bird seed at night?

In the night, birdseed can be eaten by a wide range of animals. Rodents, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, opossums, raccoons, deer, and bears are the most common culprits in the United States. Bird feeders are a convenient food source for these animals because they are opportunistic feeders.

Does hummingbird nectar attract bears?

Bears. These birds prefer suet- or sunflower seed-filled feeders, which are commonly found in the wild. Bears, on the other hand, will eat the sugar water if they come across hummingbird feeders.

Do black bears eat bird eggs?

Black bears will eat bird eggs, but not if they’re hard-boiled or scrambled. It’s not uncommon for black bears to say yes to food offered to them, according to Western Wildlife. They’ll eat it if it’s technically food and if they can get their hands on it.

Will bears go for hummingbird feeders?

Even though a 32-ounce hummingbird feeder contains approximately 775 calories, bears are drawn to their presence. Plant native flowers that are known to attract hummingbirds as an alternative.

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