How much food do I need to survive?

We all need food to survive but have you ever asked yourself how much food you need to survive? In this post, we’ll let you know the amount of food you need to survive.

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The amount of food you need to survive depends on the climate where you live, your size, and heat production. For a person living in a cold region, he’ll require more calories than someone living in a hot area with little activity. If we consider an average-sized adult male who is active most of the time then he’ll require around 20,000 calories per day. That’s nearly 10 times what an average person eats. Now that we know the amount of food needed to survive, let’s head over to how much food is available on Earth?

Earth has enough food to fulfill all the nutritional needs of every human being it but still, there are people starving every day. Around 36 million kids die prematurely due to malnutrition worldwide. Hunger and famine are not because of lack of food on earth, they are man-made problems caused by poverty, political unrest, and war. There are 795 million people hungry out of which around 216 million live in India alone whereas the USA has just 5 million hungry people. Moreover, these hunger figures include only those who cannot afford them. If you take into account those who cannot afford to buy enough food, the figures would be staggering.

The major causes of hunger in developing countries are lack of infrastructure and technology. Developed countries can grow food in a limited space with advanced techniques such as hydroponics and aeroponics.

They also have a sophisticated institution for storage and transportation. Developed countries spend little to nothing on food whereas less developed countries spend almost 50%! Governments spend more on the military than they do on agriculture, resulting in a vicious cycle that keeps them underdeveloped and impoverished.

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