How Much Does It Cost To Run A Gas Fireplace?

Are gas fireplaces expensive to run?

Using a standard-sized gas fireplace with a heating output of 100% will cost about $0.22/hour at today’s natural gas price of $1.09 per 100 cubic feet. In a nutshell, the cost of running a gas fireplace is very low.

How much does it cost to run a gas fireplace for an hour?

As of 2020, the average price of natural gas in the United States was approximately $11 per thousand cubic feet 1, which equates to approximately $1.06 per therm. A gas fireplace with a 38,000 BTU output costs about $0.40 per hour to run.

Do gas fireplaces use a lot of gas?

It takes about 10 Therms of energy a day to run a 40,000 BTU gas fireplace at full power. It is possible for a gas fireplace to use large amounts of gas if it is used at its maximum heat output for a long period of time.

Does a gas fireplace make your bill go up?

Adding a fireplace can boost a house’s value by 6-12 percent, according to the National Center for Real Estate Research. Adding a gas fireplace is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home for the money you spend. Energy savings are possible with a high-performance gas fireplace.

Do gas fireplaces need to be cleaned?

Despite the fact that gas fireplaces do not produce creosote, they still require regular cleaning. The byproducts produced by gas fuels like propane and natural gas are not as bad as those produced by burning wood, but they can still accumulate and necessitate cleaning after use.

Are gas fireplaces good for heating?

As a whole, gas fireplaces are excellent space heaters. It’s not unusual for a fire that’s been burning for a while to heat a room quickly. Depending on the type of gas fireplace you have, you may not be able to heat a room effectively.

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