How long do hot tub circulation pumps last?

While these pumps are known to last 5-10 years, at some point your pump is going to see problems that need some instant attention— unless you enjoy non-chemically treated spawater, which we hope you don’t! Seeing foam in your hot tub could be a sign that your pump is not working correctly.

Also, how long do hot tub pumps last?

5 to 10 years

Likewise, what does the circulation pump do in a hot tub? Circulation pumps are low-flow pumps which circulate the water in your hot tub non-stop in a slow, controlled motion that continuously heats, chemically treats and filters the water.

Also to know, how do I know if my hot tub pump is bad?

Common Symptoms:

  1. Your jets are turned on but there’s no water flowing out of them.
  2. Your pump hums or vibrates but water isn’t flowing.
  3. Water is leaking around the pump shaft.
  4. Water is not hot.

How often should a hot tub circulate?

Circulate Your Hot Tub Water for a Happy Soak Depending on the model, your spa may have an automatic circulation schedule that ensures it runs once or twice daily. These cycles circulate the water for around 15 to 20 minutes (or longer) to ensure all the water in your tub passes through the filters.

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