How High Above The Floor Should A Toilet Flange Be?

Verify the Height of the FlangesYou can see the flange of the toilet and measure its height above the floor when the toilet is removed. It is recommended to aim for a flange height of 1/4 inch higher than the finished floor. As a result, practically any wax ring can be used, and the seal will be intact.

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Can a toilet flange be too high?

It is possible for your toilet to leak water and rock back and forth when it is in use if your toilet flange is too high. Both the leaking and the rocking have the potential to damage or even destroy the floor. The subfloor can be rotted and mold and mildew accumulated as a result of a leaking flange.

Does toilet flange have to be level with floor?

If you’re installing a toilet, make sure the floor flange inside the drain opening sits flush against the finished floor or no higher or lower than 1/4 inch above or below the floor’s surface.

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