How far do ash tree roots spread?

5 Answers. The roots of most trees are shallow (i.e., not more than 1′ to 1.5′ deep), but spread out very wide (see the picture below from here) . Given the height of your trees, they’re not very young and you can be sure that the roots spread at least as far out as the tree is tall.

Keeping this in view, how close to the house can a tree be?

about 15 feet

Furthermore, how do you stop tree roots from spreading? To remedy the situation, use the same steps you used while safeguarding your foundation:

  1. Install root barriers before the roots reach the concrete.
  2. Cut the roots and dam them with root barriers to prevent further growth.
  3. Cut down the tree and remove the root system so you can make a smooth, level surface again.

Correspondingly, do ash trees damage foundations?

Maple trees, ash trees and cottonwoods are trees you should not pick because they are known for growing invasive, lateral trees roots. Trees of this type can hurt your foundation by growing under your structure and forcing it upward. This can cause your foundation to heave.

How high can my Neighbours trees be?

A high hedge is defined as a line of trees comprising at least two evergreen or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs and a hedge height of more than two metres above ground level. Local councils will charge a fee, and some may be reluctant to take action, but ant-social legislation is a potentially useful remedy.

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