How do you take care of cycads in South Africa?

The most important requirement is good drainage. If water is stagnant, the roots will rot. Cycads do well in terra cotta pots with a cactus mix or potting soil. Don’t expect rapid growth; these plants are slow growing, and like being root-bound, so there is no need to re-pot too often.

Simply so, how do you maintain cycads?

  1. Place the cycad in a sunny location, but avoid hot afternoon sunlight, especially from behind glass.
  2. Transplant cycads when roots become visible around drainage holes.
  3. Water cycads whenever the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch during the spring and summer.

Subsequently, question is, do cycads like sun or shade? 2. Choose the right plant for your spot–or the right spot for your plant. Certain cycads thrive in full sun while others prefer more shade. Some grow compact, while others grow long leaves.

Also know, what do you feed cycads?

Of the seed bearing plants, cycads are about the farthest plant group away from palms. Most palm fertilizers are low in nitrogen (with N around 7-10). To produce a high enough energy level so that previously mentioned results can be attained a fertilizer with a nitrogen level around 18-25 needs to be used.

Do cycads need a lot of water?

Indoor cycads should never dry out. The soil needs to be kept moist but not saturated. In the summer months, your indoor cycad will need to be watered twice a week as opposed to the winter months when the plant will need little water.

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