How do you make a triangle curtain valance?

An easy method for making triangle valances involves making one large, lined valance with a horizontal edge along the top of the window and the point of the triangle extending down to a center point on the upper window. Attach the valance with drapery clips and a curtain rod for easy, no-fuss installation.

Likewise, how do you make a handkerchief Valance?

Math for a Handkerchief Valance without contrasting band

  1. Measure window width (30″) and determine the length (18″) of valance.
  2. multiply window width x’s 2 (30×2=60)
  3. multiply length x’s 2 (18×2=36) for handkerchief.
  4. Add together to determine finished width of valance (36+60=96)

Additionally, how do you hang curtains on a triangle window? You pull the curtain onto the clear rod and you hang the clear clips on the angled part of the window. You then snap the curtain and rod into the clips and the curtain will stay in place hanging downwards. If you are using a regular curtain you will find that the bottom part is slanted (like the top).

People also ask, how do you make a tab valance?

How to Create Tab Top Valances

  1. Wash and iron your fabric to prevent shrinkage later.
  2. Measure the width of your windows and double that measurement.
  3. Cut two pieces of fabric to the necessary measurements to give you a front and a back to your valance.
  4. Sew the two pieces of the valance together first.
  5. Turn the valance right side out.

How do I make curtains for a sloping window?

Measure the angled slope of the window. Cut a piece of hook and loop tape to that length and attach the tape to the sloped window framing. Measure the width of the bottom of the window sill. Cut a second piece of hook and loop tape to that length and attach the tape along the bottom of the window sill.

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