How do I download eBooks from BryteWave?

The Save Highlight option will show in the pop-up menu that opens once you choose it.


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Do VitalSource books have an expiration date?

However, access to eBooks downloaded from the site,, expires after 365 days, although access to online content via the site does not. You may get the VitalSource bookshelf app by visiting


What is the best way to save an eBook as a PDF?

To save individual eBook pages as a PDF, follow these steps: Open the eBook in the eBook Full Text reader to see it in its entirety. Navigate to the first page of the section of pages that you want to print and choose Save Pages from the tools menu above the page you wish to print. The Save Pages to PDF menu option is available to choose from. Choose which of the following to include in the PDF: Select:


What is the best way to download a Cengage eBook to my computer?

Download your Altierus eTexbooks to your computer or mobile device so that you may use them when not connected to the internet. Download and install Bookshelf for your computer or mobile device by going to and clicking on the appropriate link. To log in, enter your VitalSource email address and password in the appropriate fields.


Is Vital Source a legitimate company?

All in all, this VitalSource review reveals that they are a legitimate and secure website from which to rent and get the books you want. It is possible to access millions of textbooks via the Vital Source bookshelf. By using their service, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on college textbooks as well!


Is it possible to print books from VitalSource?

Bookshelf. Most VitalSource eBooks allow you to print pages from them. Using printing as a supplement to your eBook allows you to create study aids and make amendments to assignments that you must submit for class assignments.


How can I get a copy of an evantage ebook?

In the Collections (Left) pane of Bookshelf, choose All Titles from the drop-down menu. Any book that has a yellow triangle next to it indicates that it has not yet been downloaded from the server. Double-click on the book to add it to the download queue, and then click Finish. The book will be downloaded and you will be prompted with a confirmation dialogue box to confirm your decision.


What is a VBK file and how does it work?

What is a VBK file and how does it work? Back-up file made by the Veeam virtual machine (VM) backup and recovery software; includes a complete recovery backup of the VM and is one of the biggest backup files ever created; permits a full restoration of the state of the machine when it was last backed up. VBK files are distinct from other types of files.


What exactly is the BryteWave format?

A: BryteWave is a digital textbook platform developed by BryteWave. It is much more than just a reading platform in the traditional sense. Text may be highlighted, bookmarked, searched, sorted, and notes can be taken.


What is the best way to draw attention to an eBook?

To highlight text inside the ebook, use the following syntax: By clicking and dragging your mouse cursor over the chosen text you wish to highlight, you may make it stand out from the others. Add a highlight by clicking on it. It has now been highlighted in the colour of your choice for the text you had picked.


What is the operation of Redshelf?

In contrast to traditional readers, Redshelf is a cloud-based reader that can be accessed from any location and on any internet-connected device. For those courses where a Redshelf edition of the course textbook is available, you may buy it directly from the APUS Bookstore. The eTextbook may be accessed immediately from the browser – no access codes are required!


What is the best way to unhighlight in Proquest?

To remove a highlight, select it by clicking on the star symbol next to the highlighted text. Then, to the right of the text, click on the trash can icon. Another option is to eliminate a highlight by double-clicking the left mouse button, which will cause a trash symbol to appear right above the highlighted area.


How do you draw attention to yourself on Connect?

If you wish to highlight certain text in an eBook, just click and drag your mouse cursor over the words you want to emphasise. Then, in the navigation bar (A), pick the highlighter tool and the colour you wish to use from the drop-down menu. Add a highlight by clicking on it (B). Hide all highlighted eBook text by selecting Hide Highlights from the drop-down menu (C).


What is the best way to highlight on Chegg eReader?

If you’re using the Chegg eReader app, follow these steps: Select the text you want to highlight by tapping it and dragging it to the centre of the screen. To apply the highlight, tap on the colourful circle at the top of the screen.

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